Let Me Be Frank (About Insurance)

Let Me Be Frank About Your Insurance

What makes y’all so special?

Everyone loves to tell you they are the best at what they do, especially here on social media, but most of them are just okay.  Here’s why you should work with us:

Do I need Comp & Collision coverage on my older vehicle?

When your car or truck is approaching 10 years old, it may be worth having a conversation with your...

If I add "X" to my home this year, what does it mean for my insurance?

If you've added a new pool, trampoline, swing set, dog or finished basement to your home this year,...

What does Renters Insurance cover and do I need it?

There's no law stating you must have renters insurance, but your landlord could require it.

Do I have to have insurance on my boat?

No. But if you have a boat, you might as well insure it. It’s inexpensive and available if you need...

Are all homeowners insurance policies created equal?

No. If your home burns down, every insurance policy will cover that and rebuild your home.

Does homeowners insurance cover squirrel damage in my attic?

Do I Really Need a Separate Flood Policy?

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States.

How do I insure my investment property?

Depending on the intended use of the building, we have a policies to fit your needs.

How much Life Insurance do I need?

There are three areas that need to be addressed when figuring out how much Life Insurance your...